Wedding Anniversary Names and The Meaning of Flowers!

The traditional names for wedding anniversaries go back many years in social usage.  It was considered proper to present the married couple with gifts made of these products or of something related.  The list of traditional gift products per anniversary year, with a few allowable revisions in parenthesis, is presented below:

1st  PAPER | 2nd  COTTON | 3rd  LEATHER | 4th  LINEN (Silk) | 5th  WOOD

6th  IRON | 7th  WOOL (Copper) | 8th  BRONZE | 9th  POTTERY (China) | 10th  TIN, ALUMINUM

11th  STEEL | 12th  SILK (Silk) | 13th  ALCE | 14th  IVORY | 15th  CRYSTAL

20th  CHINA | 25th  SILVER | 30th  PEARL | 35th  CORAL (Jade) | 40th  RUBY

45th  SAPPHIRE | 50th  GOLD | 55th  EMERALD | 60th  DIAMOND


Different flowers have different connotations.  Below you will find each flower's meaning:

Roses  -  LOVE

Carnations  -  DISTINCTION

Gardenias  -  JOY

Orchids  -  BEAUTY

Red Chrysanthemums  -  SHARING

White Daisies  -  PURITY

Blue Violets  -  CONSTANCY

Forget-Me-Nots  -  TRUE LOVE

Lilies Of The Valley  -  HAPPINESS


Even Different Color Roses Have Special Meanings and Feelings:

RED  - Love, Passion, Respect Courage

YELLOW  - Joy, Friendship, Freedom

ORANGE  - Admiration, Desire, Fascination, Enthusiasm

PINK  - Happiness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Admiration

CREAM  - Thoughtfulness, Charm, Graciousness

WHITE  - Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Reverence



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